Welcome to our school Information List. We will provide you with periodic emails with links, videos, applications and more detailed information about our new visionary school which may answer most of your questions.

We would also be happy to tailor some of our communications with you to your specific grade levels of interest, sports interests, scholarship interest, etc. if you would share a little more information about your family with us via the secure link below.  Providing your phone number and/or children grade levels would be very helpful in keeping you informed with pertinent information like applicable open houses or other events and alerts when your potential grade levels are nearing full capacity simply by clicking the following “no obligation” Contact Form, Secure Link Click Here. Feel free to ask questions in the PARENT’S NOTES SECTION of the form.

Our Main Website

Our main website icajax.com is FULL OF INFORMATION about us, so you can begin to see a complete picture of what we have to offer. Note the special Menu Tab on our main site that will take you to our very special Parent’s Web Portal. Once you are a parent with login ID, there you can track your student’s progress, see exactly how they are doing, including communications to and from their teachers. This Portal is just for YOU, the student’s parents. It is available from our main website.  For now, download our brochure below and then…
Click icajax.com to explore our website!

If you haven’t seen our school brochure, you can download a copy below. It downloads in Adobe .pdf format which can be viewed with the free Adobe Reader that comes with most new computers or you can download Reader on adobe.com’s website.

Please click the hotlink in the word “download” above to initiate the brochure download.


If you have any immediate questions after reviewing our material, please feel free to contact us at 904-652-1441 or get more information about us at https://icajax.com.

We look forward to meeting you and your family.