PRESS RELEASE: Visionary New Christian School Coming to Impact Jacksonville, Florida!

“Three local, top administrators with a combined 80+ years experience running some of the largest Christian Schools in the country, have been given a unique opportunity to create a NEW, next generation ‘school of your dreams’ right here in Jacksonville!”  

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  • You’ll benefit from our planned preK3 (3 year olds) through 12th grade college preparatory environment modeled after some of the TOP Christian Schools in the Nation beginning with classes preK3 through 12th grade in August 2015.
  • Your students will discover their full potential with us; whether they have been considered “gifted” honors students, or “struggling” or “anywhere in between” at other schools.
  • Your students can experience the difference that state-of-the-art technologies and a neuroscience based learning lab provide; making learning fun and effective.
  • We provide “true Biblical integration” in our academics and sports, meaning we don’t just tack on a Bible verse at the bottom of our lesson plans. You’ll see a measurable difference in your student’s Christian character as they pursue excellence in academics, athletics and the arts.
  • You’ll find outstanding teachers and administrators that LISTEN to YOU and care about your student’s development plus you’ll benefit from a Parent’s Web Portal that lets you communicate and monitor progress.
  • Experience a learning community that places great value on the growth, nurturing and celebration of the spiritual health of each student and their families.
  • Benefit from surprisingly affordable tuition and EASY ACCESS: Near I-295 on the East Beltway and Southside Connector!
Impact Christian Academy

Impact Christian Academy

Find out why you will want your family at THIS SCHOOL starting fall of 2015 and secure priority access NOW before classes fill during open enrollment!

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